Megan and Ernie's owner says...

I have used Stacey to look after my two dogs for the first time this year. My dogs are both six years old and are a Golden Retriever bitch and a Bearded Collie male. Stacey looked after them both at home for a week in July while we were in Barcelona . I had arranged for them to be looked after by a friend in their home but due to Megan (the retriever) having a serious cruciate ligament operation, a week before the holiday, I felt it would be better to have them cared for in our own home.




I had found Stacey's card at the vet where the operation was performed. I had a meeting with Stacey and from the moment I met her I could see she was a "Doggy" person and was immediately popular with both dogs (even though Ernie - the Beardie - can be a bit standoffish with new people). I can honestly say that I was considering cancelling the holiday until I found Stacey. I felt very comfortable leaving them with her even though it was going to be a difficult task as Megan had to have no activity due to her leg, and Ernie is a very active dog. Stacey coped very well and when I returned home both dogs were very happy and healthy. Stacey currently takes Ernie on a walk each week as Megan is still not allowed full exercise.

I can wholly recommend Stacey and I am sure that your dogs will be in good hands whether for just the occasional walk or a few weeks of holiday. I will definitely feel comfortable booking next years vacation knowing that my dogs will be looked after with the same care that I would take with them.