Dog Walking
Dog Walking and Sitting walks a variety of dog breeds, from Yorkshire terriers and poodles to huskies and boxers. Therefore, we have great experience in all dog mannerisms, strengths and characteristics. So you need not worry for example if your dog is very timid, or, on the other hand is very strong, Dog Walking and Sitting has a great love for all dogs and no matter what size or breed your dog is, it will be cared for with its individual needs in mind at all times.
At Dog Walking and Sitting we also realise that not all dogs are good in the company of other dogs, therefore, if your dog needs to be walked alone this is no problem. There will be no extra charge for this service, unlike the majority of dog walking companies. Dog Walking and Sitting is a business dedicated to the requirements of the animals welfare and will push ourselves to meet these requirements.
The walk itself will last for approximately 40 minutes and take place in the general vicinity of your home. If you have any particular walks you take your dog, or there is a park you prefer your dog to be taken to in your area, then Dog Walking and Sitting will be happy to do as you wish.
In the majority of cases your dog will be kept on the lead, unless we have your permission to let them off and we feel comfortable enough to do so. Therefore, we are happy to take your dog's favourite toys, balls, sticks and so on out with us in order for your dog to be as happy as possible and to ensure he gets the most out of his walk!
doggie bonesdoggie bones
All at Dog Walking and Sitting are true dog lovers and will insure your dog is comfortable, happy and safe whilst in our care. Dog walking is an ideal service if you lead a hectic lifestyle and have to leave your dog at home. The walk will break up the dogs day and give them the vital exercise and fresh air that he or she needs and  make sure their legs aren't crossed for a prolonged period of time. The service is also very useful if you simply cannot find the time, or in fact are unable to take your dog the walks that you feel they should be getting.
Whatever the reason, Dog Walking and Sittings service is here for your and your dog's benefit, and to ensure this, we make our prices as affordable as possible with walks starting from as little as £8. A full price listing can be found in our Prices section.
If you have any other questions on this service please do not hesitate and give Stacey a call on 07903 435 427, or alternatively drop us an email via our Contact Form.