Dog Sitting
Dog Walking and Sitting offers a Dog Sitting service which is a great alternative to kennels.

A Dog Walking and Sitting representative will come to your home and look after your dog while you are away. This prevents the dog from becoming upset, uneasy and nervous which can be the result of taking them out of their home environment and into an unfamiliar setting such as a kennel or indeed the dog sitter's house.

This situation is often bad enough, not forgetting they may also be pining after you, unsure of what is going on. Dog Walking and Sitting therefore offer to keep any unrest for your dog to an absolute minimum by ensuring as much as possible unchanged: toys, bed, dinner time, walks, and so on. The only difference is that in your place will be another true dog lover to comfort them, play with them and occupy their time for the entire time you are away, leaving you with complete peace of mind.

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Whether you want Dog Walking and Sitting to come for one night, for example if you are working away or off to a party but don't like to leave your dog home alone, or, in fact if you are going on holiday, no matter the length, Dog Walking and Sitting will be there to make sure your dog is settled and is having as much fun as possible.

We will strive not to leave your dog for no longer than 5 hours in any 24 hours. Walks are also fully included in the price of the Sitting service. The dog will get at least two good walks per day.

This Dog Sitting service comes from as little as £40 per day (which equates to just £1.67 per hour each day- a bargain price to know that your dog is happy!). Furthermore, extra dogs are only an additional £5 per dog per day. Plus, if you are going away with a companion who also has a dog the price for the dogs can be shared between you!

Dog Walking and Sitting do ask for you to leave food and drink for the dog sitter. We do however only expect the basics to live on, just for example bread, milk, fruit, juice, and anything extra is entirely left to your discretion.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you have by calling Stacey on 07903 435 427 or by dropping us an email.