Let Outs

At Dog Walking and Sitting we are aware that not all dogs can go out on walkies!

Particularly playful pups need a lot of time and attention which can prove difficult! If you need help checking on your puppy or letting them out if they are at that stage, or just giving him some much needed company while you are out, Dog Walking and Sittng is here to help!


We will go in when when requested and do as required. We will spend around 20 minutes with your pup to break up his day and give him some fun while you are unavailable.

The Let Out service is not only applicable to puppies, but to any dogs that for whatever reason cannot go out on a walk. For example, if your dog is ill or injured, or getting a too old for long walks. So if for any such reason you do not want them out on a walk,  Dog Walking and Sitting can simply provide some much needed company and attention, whether this is playing, patting, doggy talk - in fact whatever you think your dog needs!

This one on one service comes from as little as £8, see our Prices section for full details.