Hi there, I am Stacey, the proprietor of Dog Walking and Sitting, and would like to give you a little background about myself.

I have always been an animal lover, even since very early childhood. I got my first dog, Blue, when I was just three years old. Blue was my everything, and I was devastated to say the least when he sadly passed away when I turned eighteen. I took him everywhere with me, and I still do in my heart. He remains an inspiration to me playing a big part in where I am now.


                  Toots on Stacey's Wedding Day!                Toots with his favourite ball

I always wanted to become a veterinary surgeon as I was growing up. However, this was soon an impossible dream as my phobia of needles took over! I didn't let this ruin my opportunity to go to university, settling to study business law instead.  I very much enjoyed my time at university and successfully left with an upper class 2:1 degree. However, my animals were never in the background. I travelled home every weekend to visit and ensure my dogs and horses were ok. Animals have always been a large part of my life and will always continue to be.

After leaving university I went straight into a graduate management post where I soon realised life at a desk and working with people was not for me! Animals were always my passion and I decided to realise my dream job of working with animals.Now, here I am, happier than I have ever been, putting my passion into good use, whilst earning a living! I couldn't wish to be in a better job and I think myself very lucky to share my day with such amazing animals!